Talk to Dusk Shine
I am a mare.

let me ask something. Did you specialize in potions?

And who are those 2? Maybe you guessed me :)

well one is my friend Rainbow Blitz, the other I think was a mare

I'll give you a little hint. My name had something to do with rainbows..

I can only think of two ponies I know with a “rainbow”in there names

how are you?

a little bored

hi there

Oh hey there little dragon

Oh, I don't have an account. I used too, and I was a friend of yours. (I think the last one got eaten....)

oh well, I wish I knew what your name was

I don't have any pony to celabrate that with,

you could celebrate with me if you want

"Happy Hearth Warming Eve friend" I say.

*smiles* thanks, happy heath warming eve to you too

*boops* herro dusk

hello again

How? What is there to be happy about?

Well, I’m happy to be alive where I am and have such good ponies as friends, plus soon it will be Hearth warming Eve